Specialty Services

Virtual Residential Program© (VRP)*

VRP was created to provide families, schools, and communities with an alternative to unnecessary out-of-home placements and to facilitate the successful “step-down” of a youth following residential or psychiatric placements. A phase system approach is used to assess treatment progress, provide structure to the home environment and to facilitate the family’s progress to less-intensive interventions. The VRP treatment team includes the client and caregivers, a lead therapist, home-based counselors, behavioral interventionists or coaches, and others as needed such as a parenting coach, extended family members, close family friends and school liaisons. The VRP therapeutic approach is individualized, contextualized and trauma informed in order to meet the needs of each family.


  • 24 hour Crisis intervention            
  • Comprehensive case-management                                   
  • Family therapy                                                                                       
  • Individual therapy                                                                                 
  • Behavior Management                                                                    
  • Parent Support and Education
  • Case Coordination with other services
  • Shift Staffing


A Contextualized Feedback System© is used to monitor outcomes and treatment progress throughout each phase of the Virtual Residential Program.

Adolescent Sexual Harm Program (ASHP)

ASHP is a multi-systemic, community based treatment alternative which focuses on the treatment of sexually abusive behavior patterns within the context of family and community. ASHP offers a comprehensive community-based model focused on public safety, family trauma, personal responsibility, and relapse prevention. Individualized services are planned and assessed from a developmental context and include individual, family and community interventions. All treatment is planned and supervised by a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Professional (CSOTP).


  • In-home family/individual therapy
  • Outpatient individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Therapeutic mentoring
  • Relapse Prevention/Aftercare Services
  • Surveillance/Home Electronic Monitoring (if necessary)

“I want to reiterate, I am very pleased with this program. The team seems to work so well together. I know that it has been crazy with the doozy that we were dealt when we started. I cannot thank yall enough for the hard work and commitment that is shown to this family. I look forward to the next, many months with you guys!!!”

~ Case Manager, Chesterfield Mental Health